Sinop University Mahmut Kefevi Center for Islamic Studies aims to support scientific research in the units of our university; and to inform the people about these studies through scientific and cultural activities; to prepare a learning environment; to create cultural mobility in the city with the activities to be carried out; to carry out scientific activities for the benefit of the society; to strengthen the link between the public and the university; and to contribute to the recognition of the University and the Faculty of Theology in the country and abroad.


For these purposes, the activities of the center are; to prepare appropriate environments related to the presentation of the studies, to conduct scientific and cultural activities such as seminars, symposiums, congresses and conferences on the subjects appropriate to the purpose of the center to meet the needs of society.


You can follow the information about the activities to be organized by Sinop University Islamic Sciences Research and Application Center from the announcements and events section of our website. In addition, for the courses, seminars, etc. you want to be organized by our center, you can contact us through our contact info.

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